Service to humanity to bring comfort healing spiritual awakening and emotional harmony and balance has been my life’s mission since I was a teenager.
My Dad was a family physician and from an early age he passed on his extraordinary intuitive and immense medical knowledge to me and my 2 brothers who also became physicians.
He was a truly holistic physician and understood in profound way that disease and Illness had multiple layers that needed to be addressed for
true healing and harmony to be restored.
Healing in the true sense encompasses the physical the emotional the beliefs and mores,the emotional and the spiritual.Without addressing all these aspects complete healing of the patient does not occur.
From the day I qualified as a physician I had great intuitive and psychic abilities that enabled me to know what was wrong with my patients.
I would hold their hand and I could feel an energy passing into them through me.The effects this had on them was immediately noticeable.
For many years I paid no attention to what I was doing until 10 years ago.
I had what could be described as a dark night of the soul.I became critically ill and almost died.At the most critical time in the illness I had a spiritual experience which has changed who I am and what I do now in my life as a healer/physician forever.
The Journey has been extraordinary and continues to be.
Along the way I have learned how to heal through Transformational Conscious Intent.
My life goal is to teach others how to access this,so that they can holistically heal both themselves and others.